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FCS GROUP, established in 1988, provides utility rate and fee consulting, utility management consulting, financial planning and analysis, and economic services to public sector clients inclusive of city and county governments, municipal corporations, ports, special purpose districts, and state agencies.

As an independent and objective firm, FCS GROUP has delivered high-quality, cost-effective consulting services in over 3,000 engagements and served more than 550 clients. Our staff of 30 serves clients throughout the western United States and Canada from locations in Redmond, Washington, and Lake Oswego, Oregon.

FCS GROUP’s management team includes professionals with backgrounds in public administration, management, finance, accounting, economics and engineering disciplines. These analytically-focused perspectives equip us to address government finance, public reserve fund, IT and operational challenges while maintaining fixed attention on organizational sensitivities, policy drivers, and stakeholder priorities.

FCS GROUP is a commercial enterprise in the business of providing financial, economic, and management consulting services. We facilitate sound decision-making and management by public officials and stakeholders by applying a solutions-focused analytical approach to public sector issues and programs, often in support of life-sustaining infrastructure and improved quality of life.

In everything we do, we strive to make the name FCS GROUP synonymous with the word “Excellence.” We aspire to be recognized and highly sought after as an exemplary provider of financial, economic, and management consulting solutions that support better and more effective stewardship and management of public resources. Our success is measured by our ability to deliver exceptional service, high quality work, and innovative solutions to our clients; to meet the financial expectations of our shareholders; and to maintain a stable, challenging and enriching environment for our employees.


We set the bar for work quality. We apply our experience, knowledge, technical rigor, innovation and creativity on each assignment to produce deliverables of lasting value to our clients. We commit to a standard for work products that focuses on accuracy in analysis, objectivity in evaluation, clarity in communication, and practical applicability of results.


We commit to act in an ethical, forthright, and truthful manner with clients, partners, and coworkers. We deliver impartial and objective products and services, and we endeavor to keep all commitments to our clients, to our coworkers, and to ourselves.


We strive to develop and apply substantive expertise for the benefit of our clients. Our curiosity and commitment to learning and growing expands the breadth and depth of our expertise.


We all assume individual responsibility and accountability for Firm success, as well as the success of our clients. We endeavor to be self-motivated and take ownership for the quality and responsiveness of our services and deliverables.


FCS GROUP supports diversity and inclusion. We stand with communities of color and with all people working to end racism and systemic injustice. We further pledge to embody these values in our hiring practices and in our relationships with and among our employees and clients.


Our Utility Rate and Fee Consulting practice serves water, wastewater, stormwater, reclaimed water, solid waste, electric, and transportation clients. We have performed more than 2,000 utility finance and rate development projects ranging from defining revenue requirements and building comprehensive financial modeling tools to performing long-term capital management strategies and developing full cost-of-service rates.

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Our Utility Management Consulting group supports city, county and district utilities by offering tailored business management and technology solutions. We have assisted with the formation and merger of utilities, developed detailed asset management programs, implemented efficiency-directed IT systems and negotiated complicated wholesale agreements—helping utilities maintain their resiliency in an ever changing world.

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Our Financial Planning and Analysis consultants specialize in helping local and state governments, regional agencies and public safety entities address and solve issues involving policy objectives, public finance and cost recovery, and organizational performance.

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Our Economic Services group provides a unique combination of skills and knowledge about public sector infrastructure in order to support municipal goals of attracting business, creating jobs, enhancing public space and forming economically vital, sustainable communities.

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